What Makes Us The Best?

At Sushi Co. it’s more than likely you will be eating fish caught that same morning… now that’s fresh.  Arrive early and ask our team what has just arrived in from 1770 and watch our chefs busily filleting and preparing our daily trade of fish and sushi.

Our Philosophy is to celebrate traditional Japanese cuisine together with world class seafood bringing Australia a fresh fish and sushi experience that sets us apart from all the rest.

Our commitment to our fish and Japanese cuisine is to honour the high-quality freshness of food bringing to Australia a fresh fish experience that simply sets us apart from all the rest and if we don’t have the fish you want, then we can source it for you!

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About Fresh Sushi Co.

Who is Fresh Sushi Co.

Co-Owners TOKI and ROGI left Japan in 1997 and are experts when it comes to fish and Sushi.

Sashimi / Sushi trained with over 30 years’ experience, which explains why a large majority of local Japanese choose to but their fish and dine at Fresh Sushi Co.

Their passion for providing customers nothing but the best is truly inspiring.

TOKI and ROGI’S high quality training provides you with an evocative taste of traditional Japanese and contemporary fusion with a modern twist.

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