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Moreton Bay Bugs

Moreton Bay Bugs

We'll split them and clean them... Easy!

Mub Crabs

Mud Crabs

Want them alive? Just ask!

About Fresh Fish Co.

About Fresh Fish Co.

The word ‘fresh’ drives every facet of our business. From our carefully selected produce right through to the passion and effort of our daily seafood displays.

We travel many times a week to pick up fresh produce from our contracted fishermen in 1770 and other local areas. It’s more than possible that you could be eating fresh coral trout and or red emperor caught on the same day.

Our seafood presentation is set up early every morning to greet all our customers. Arrive early to learn what has arrived from 1770 and watch while we are busily filleting freshly delivered seafood and preparing for our daily trade.

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Fresh Produce
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