Fresh Fish Co. can supply you with the highest quality produce straight from the sea. Place an order today to experience an exciting range of seafood. All orders are subject to availability on the market and require a couple of days notice.



Photo Product Item Price Items Required
Cooked Smoked Salmon Smoked salmon - 200g $16.99
Cooked Prawns Cooked prawns - 30 qty $64.99
Cooked Bug Cooked bugs (can split if required) - 1/2 Doz $79.99
Cooked Sand Crab Meat Sandcrab meat - 250g $40


Photo Product Item Price Items Required
Fresh Pacific Oysters Fresh shucked pacific oyster - Doz $30
Fresh Rock Oysters Fresh shucked rock oyster - Doz $30
Atlantic Salmon Fillets Fresh Atlantic salmon fillets - 180g $14
Fresh Barramundi Fillet Fresh wild barramundi fillet - 180g $11
White fish fillet - 180g $11
Ocean Trout Fillet Fresh ocean trout fillet - 160g $11
Prawn Cutlets Prawn cutlets (peeled and deveined) - 70 qty $79.99
Green Prawns Jumbo whole green prawns - 12 qty $79.99
menu-fresh-bug Green bugs (can split if required) - 8 qty $74.99
Fresh Scallop Meat Hervey bay scallop meat - 60 qty $119.99
Marinara Mix Fresh made marinara mix - 200g $11
Fresh Squid Tubes Tender squid tubes -1 qty $8
Whole Snapper Fresh whole snapper - 1 kilo $34.99